I met Stanley Johnson at Queens Park

Stanley Johnson et Luther Beaumont sont debouts dans un parc.

The art of making exciting encounters is one of the many benefits of my work. The most unexpected of my week I loved here. I went to the middle of a royal park on the morning of Monday 10 May 2021 to talk to Stanley Johnson, the father of our Prime Minister.

May 5, 2021 Wednesday afternoon. My friend Thomas tries to reach me twice. Several weeks ago, he had already told me about his regular exchanges with the father of the platinum blonde. My almost sick curiosity hastened me to transgression, and I asked him not to hesitate to give me a sign the next time I saw him. So I call him back, at the same time he sends me a photo of this ambassador’s business card for the Conservative Party. He passed him.

Thursday afternoon, May 6, 2021. So here I have his strategies, with which Thomas says it would be a good idea to talk to me. Following the first call in vain, he thanked me for contacting me a few hours after sending the written message.

2021 May 10 Early Morning. Stanley Johnson calls me and agrees to meet two hours later for coffee at Queens Park. So I see Thomas around noon on the outskirts of His Majesty Park. Just in front of a bench, an agitated white-haired man from the White House waits in peace. The presentations are easily prepared and I like to have a coffee with someone who already has him. A bench in the center of Queens Park, I meet the father of “Pojo”.

We left vaguely to talk about Europe in our brief phone exchange, and of course we didn’t care when we got together. Very selfish, I will keep only a few of our words with me, the privilege of being a journalist. However, I share, without hiding the pleasure that is available as a result, a common belief that we hold together: if divorce is pronounced on a political level, it is not on an emotional level. Grievances are not barred, but despite the new legislative situation, keeping the flame between our two countries alive is still ours. You are free to join us in this crazy club, you have no membership.

To write: This is undoubtedly the most popular verb

It contains the full details of what Stanley Johnson requested for a French passport. At the risk of deceiving some people, there is nothing really crisp in this matter, which is not really one. The applicant’s grandmother is French, and now the head of state’s father owns the property. Every year for ages, he spent most of his time in France. He is therefore eligible for a French passport from Medusa. He tells me in the correct French language that he is now banned during his stay within the EU: “The time that British citizens can spend in France is limited without a residence permit because it is Brexit”. Therefore, he applies for his French citizenship to stay in his secondary home as he wishes.

Early Monday, May 10, 2021: We participate with our photo, bench and Queen’s Park. When he greets a passerby like a wonderful Mr. I have a banana and I am going to meet my friend.

The last moment was just like you were told. In frustration that you did not enjoy reading it, you can say that you read honest words. Thank you Thomas ”and Mr. for such a discussion. Thank you Stanley Johnson ”.

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