Despite the rise of Indian diversity, London maintains its restructuring plan

Despite the rise of Indian diversity, London maintains its restructuring plan

LDespite the launch of an intensive screening campaign on the Indian variant in the UK, the British government on Monday confirmed the implementation of the next phase of its restructuring plan.

In addition to this measure, reducing the interval between two doses of vaccines (currently up to three months) or vaccinating younger ones is one of the options being explored by the government to reduce the outbreak of the B1.617.2 variant.

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According to the Department of Health, the number of cases in the UK rose to 1,313 this week from 520 last week. Most cases are concentrated in the northwest of England, Bolton and some in London.

“Physicians will study this to make the vaccine campaign as effective as possible in the face of this outbreak of variation,” Foreign Secretary Nadim Zahawi told Skynews, adding that “vaccinating younger allies” or “closely” is one of the second dose options.

He cited “concerns” about the high incidence of this variant, but clarified that “there is no evidence at the moment to prove that it opposes vaccines or causes them more severe side effects”. Despite this variation erupting, officials meticulously observed, “We believe Monday is the road map [doit être] The vaccine is being maintained as it continues, ”said Nadim Jahawi.

New stage of restoration

Monday marks a major milestone with the resumption of room service for pubs and restaurants, as well as the reopening of cinemas and theaters. Internal meetings will be re-approved.

Measures implemented locally include strengthening screening and communication tracking and increasing the genetic sequence of positive events. “We are monitoring the situation very closely and will not hesitate to take further action if necessary,” Health Minister Matt Hancock said in a statement sent Thursday evening.

Possible local restrictions

Andy Burnham, mayor of Greater Manchester, located in the affected area, on Friday objected to the implementation of local policies such as those used in the fall.

“If the government puts Blackburn, Bolton or any other place under local control, we’re very concerned that other parts of the country will define themselves, especially when there are things they can do before then,” Andy Burnham told the BBC, adding that the northwest of the UK was particularly vulnerable to lockout.

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