In London, the first rating after the reopening of the terraces

In London, the first rating after the reopening of the terraces

London (Great Britain) Three weeks after the terraces reopened in the UK, the reclaimed wealth is undeniable.

On April 12, the outdoor spaces of restaurants, pubs and cafes in the UK reopened. Fortunately, the weather was good – especially the first two weeks. As a result, many companies were packed, especially on weekends. In BorderThe London Hotel, located in the trendy district of Shoreditch, is always packed with two restaurants; The Cafe-Tele-Restaurant, located on the ground floor of the Border Rooftop, or Albion, with its panoramic view of East London, stretches across its terraced corridor. “The period was very dense, Confirms the Marketing Manager of the site. There were a lot of us; The aggression rate for these first two weeks is very consistent. Meeting customers was so much fun. ”

Full terraces until May 17th

To manage the arrival of requests, the border roof works by booking, while some tables are available for walks (unbooked customers). These tables are weather dependent and are not protected by a parasite or a glass structure covering part of the roof. As for bookings, rooms in the UK are already full by May 17, the official opening date for reopening. From this date, the company plans to no longer take the reservation. Elsewhere in London, on the terrace Calvin Bistrod & Bar, Tables are taken by storm. Exterior heaters are placed on either side of the terrace. Here again, the establishment operates on a reservation basis, however without denying the walks, the tables are free.

For those who can’t book, the border tells its customers “Tables are always reserved for walking, and if canceled, they are immediately notified on social networks so others can catch up on available time.. ”

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