In Australia, rat plague rodents are seen biting people’s feet and crawling on their faces

In Australia, rat plague rodents are seen biting people's feet and crawling on their faces

A persistent mouse infection in one part of Australia makes life a little easier for many who wake up when rodents bite their feet or crawl on their face.

Infection in rural New South Wales, a bumper grain harvest led to a mass breeding season, damaging tens of thousands of dollars and triggering warnings about the role of residents most affected by the “collapse”.

The Insect invasion It follows the worst drought on record and wildfires.

Residents of the small town of Tottenham are tired of having to deal with the crowds.

Every morning since February they have wiped out thousands of dead rats, killing large numbers before setting new bait and traps.

The attack began to improve a few weeks ago with cold and humid conditions.

But the dry weather caused the plague to increase again.

Tons of grain cannot be sold because it is contaminated with mouse droplets and straw trucks are burning from damage.

The local school was also flooded.

“Kids don’t blink when rats are constantly running around their desks,” said director John Southman.

Students were asked to bring lunch in sealed containers.

Mr South said: “They are present in every aspect of our lives, in our homes, in our cars, in our laundry baskets.

“Eventually people are going to make a break because it’s constant, it’s going to kick you out.”

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