The melody of his delight from Trux to Los Angeles

Sa mélodie du bonheur de Dreux à Los Angeles

Full sun in Los Angeles! This is a good start to the day for Frederick Mycott. Living in Beverly Hills, he never tires of the daily blue sky, which brings all its vibrancy to the city of angels, where the stars shine in movie studios as the sky descends over the city on its black screen. That morning, the Truis musician ate his sweet Adriana, the famous violinist, who specializes in Baroque music, and his symphony orchestra at home, from Led Zeppelin to Steve Wonder.

In a few minutes, Frederick will attend the School of Music in French Lyceum in Los Angeles, where he is a teacher, very attached to children’s nursery rhymes. “A hell of a lot of luck,” he recalled. “They were looking for a music teacher, so I got a job.”

In his day, he had to put the finishing touches to many of the songs he composed for his own group (Altonite), including actress-singers including Laura Weissbecker or songs that made her heart beat faster. “I do a lot of art stuff with my wife Adriana, relaxation music, movies and so on. Love comes back in many choruses (I love you I love you, Invade yourself2).

I love working with actresses because they bring a lot of emotion into the texts. Because they are able to understand all the emotions, if they are well directed, they spread this feeling to the audience.

Frederick Mycott (Empty)

“If I don’t meet Adriana, I won’t stay in the United States.”

Frederick Mycott thrives on his American life: “In Los Angeles, I’m not a French American or a French American. I am a Frenchman living in the United States. Los Angeles is a melting pot, where almost all national races can easily coexist without being an issue. The key to success is that no one tries to impose anything on the other side. “

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Feelings have always guided her life. Better or worse. The best part is this impossible encounter with Adriana the American. “If I had not met her, I would not have stayed in the United States. Although he has lived in Los Angeles for 17 years, the composer first mentions that in 2000, he had to cross the Atlantic to make contact with film experts. Seventh Art has always inspired him, and he embarked on a remarkable journey by composing a song for the film. Gregory, Selected at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

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Stepping foot in Los Angeles and Hollywood, the mecca of cinema, is one of his ambitions and gives him wings. For this reason, Frederick planned to stay in LA for a very short time, “hoping to be able to work far away from France.”

From home, the songwriter sees the expansion of a metropolis “where nothing is possible”. Photo: Frederick Mycott

“We’ll see it in a movie. We can’t believe it, but it’s the obvious truth.”

But fate otherwise wanted it. “The funny thing is, during the flight from Paris to LA, I was sitting next to a woman who told me that she had come to LA for three months as part of a family transfer plan. She had met someone during this trip, which she had between France and the United States. Suddenly, she was there. She lived for three years. “Frederick then thinks:” I did not know this would happen … “

I was a little tired in the world of French music, where you have to be successful, first you have to have a good network. After seeing a report on a French dyslexic who won in Hollywood, I wanted to try my luck in the United States

In the end, fate proved him wrong as a romantic comedy. The meeting between Frederick and Adriana is the result of incredible circumstances. “We’ll see it in a movie, we’m not going to believe it, but it’s the obvious truth.” Frederick, a former music teacher at a college in the Drook district, decided to try his luck in the United States when he was attracted to the show business. ” You have to have a good network first to succeed. After seeing a report on a French dyslexic who won in Hollywood, I wanted to try my luck in the United States. “

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To keep a site, “someone who knows someone”, he is able to communicate with Adriana Soppo, “Thanks to my mom’s friend’s friend”. As a result, the two got to know each other, the music brought them together, and then Cupid did the rest …

A personal play

But before reading this happy melody in LA, the musician lived in France with a “melody of misfortune” when he lost his first wife in Drooks, following an illness, when they were the parents of a few months old baby. At the time, Frederick Mycott was a young artist who already had several records. But his personal play makes him stumble dangerously, imagining the irreparable வரை until lightning appears that benefits Pierre Cardin’s person. He meets him in the Drew region, where Couturier has a second home. Cardin gives him a hand in promoting his recordings and agrees to mention his name on his cards.

This signature still helps him to enter the United States, Frederick recalled. “I worked with a lot of well-known French artists in France who were not known in the United States. In contrast, Pierre Cardin is a name that inspires respect around the world. Every time I present my record or my CV, mentioning its name, attitude and the way people see me changes from one moment to the next. I can not thank Pierre Cardin for giving me this wonderful gift. “

Ever since I trained in my mother’s womb, I have been thrilled with music. My grandfather worked with Juliet Croco, my father was a great music lover, and constantly listened to classical music at home.

Music is the greatest gift of a lifetime from an artist who has always dreamed of touching the stars of the music hall. The piano teacher, her mother, the first woman of her life, had a lot to do with this: “Ever since I trained in my mother’s womb, I have been rocked by music. My grandfather worked with Juliet Crago, and my father was a great music lover, constantly listening to classical music at home. Heir to the dynasty of conductors, composers and composers, he learned many instruments (drums, piano, bass, synthesizers), immersed in the technique of recording Bernard Lavilliers, Catherine Laura, Kasav …

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Among the states, the French praised Debussy as much as Bowie, who ended up making his hole, helped by Adriana of his heart, and the violinist played on most American stages.

“In Los Angeles, I’m not a Frenchman or a French American … I’m definitely a Frenchman, I live very simply in the United States, because of my accent when I speak English. Los Angeles is a melting pot, almost all national races live together easily without it being an issue. The key to success is that no one tries to impose anything on another. ”

“Incredible Coincidence”

It’s not just love that gives wings. Frederick Mycott praises the growing sense of freedom in the United States: “Here, you need to know that everything is possible, but it’s not easy. So everything happens because everything is possible. Another way to access it is to think that searching for a crawl is more important than a crawl. However, we do not have time to be bored ”

The American mentality “elevates” you. Whenever you tell an American about a project, he immediately sees its positive side. So you are dealing with a “particle accelerator”

Frederick Mycott (Empty)

Living in the world capital of the Seventh Art, his next delight is to get down to producing a film, script and music. “My big ambition this year is to give one of my projects to Luke Besson.» And to reveal what he is calling «Incredible coincidence» Los Angeles County is 120km wide and 80km long, with more than 10 million people, so this is a Great city. Well, I’m 800 meters from the offices of Beson’s production company, Europacorp. “

According to Frederick Mycott, LA is truly a city of all possibilities! He saw his story as “the door to hope.” Despite the difficulties, we can always wake up. ”

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