The Chinese spacecraft successfully lands on the surface of Mars

Tianwen-1 pousou em Marte
Description of the Chinese spacecraft Tianwen-1
Photo: Description / Guide / Xinhua / CNSA

A Chinese unmanned spacecraft successfully landed on the surface Tuesday This Friday (14), the state news agency Xinhua was informed that China has become the next space country after the United States.

The Tianwen-1 spacecraft landed somewhere in the southern Utopia plain, “the first Chinese track on Mars,” Xinhua said. The move took place on Saturday morning (15) in view of Chinese time.

A rover, called a jurong, will inspect the landing site before leaving its base to conduct tests at the site.

Tianwen-1, or “Questions for Heaven”, is China’s first independent mission to Mars in memory of a Chinese poem written over two thousand years ago. A study launched in conjunction with Russia in 2011 failed to leave Earth’s orbit.

The 5-ton spacecraft took off from the southern Chinese island of Hainan in July last year, when it was launched by a powerful Long March 5 rocket.

After more than six months of orbit, Tianwen-1 reached the Red Planet in February, and it has been in orbit ever since.

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