Snap # 34: Players in the Jet Pack

Snap # 34: Players in the Jet Pack

The Royal Navy is preparing for jet packs

Jet packs on vacation Yes, but not only! The Royal Navy is attempting this experiment to combat heavy theft at sea. Thanks to Gravity Industries for fitting four reactor-mounted cases at the level of weapons in the British Navy and one propeller at the rear. A concept that improves time and provides quick access to any vessel.

Nintendo at the service of your desires

Interested in creating your own 3D operating system game? Now, Nintendo Switch lets you say thank you to the “game workshop”. You can learn the basics of programming step by step to create your own video game. The lowercase letters, called “notance”, are similar to the features that allow you to design your game. In short, this is the place to let your imagination and creativity go!

An essential accessory for video conferencing

Disable or not? Do you see me or not? Existential questions you ask during your video conference. Issues were resolved thanks to the “On Air Alert”. Compatible with Mac, Windows and Zoom, this device will let you know if your microphone and camera are enabled. Using custom colored lights, the “On Air Alert” lets you know your status instantly. Instead of being smart, you can also use this gadget to alert those around you so as not to be disturbed!

Fingerboat Plus is your laziness partner

No linked objects? Fingerboot Plus is the solution! It’s a smart little robot that turns off the light, turns on your washing machine or printer, and turns on your coffee maker, for example! With a single click from your smartphone, FingerPot Plus activates and supports the device on which it is dedicated. Are you sure?

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Clean up wireless headphones!

Are you also tired of the deposits and wax available on your wireless headphones? Cartlocks too, which is why this American company has developed a small washing machine for headphones of airports and other brands. In a matter of minutes your headphones will look like new! Four steps are enough to give them a little charm: use a miniature brush, spray the machine with anti-bacterial spray, then place your headphones on and finally press the button. Now, Voila!

Google Earth shows forty years of evolution

Google Earth’s new activity lists more than 20 million satellite images, which is enough to get an idea of ​​global warming … but we should not ignore the great technological achievements of humans. The images provided by Timelabs speak for themselves, especially when compared to the evolution of Dubai or the Columbia Glacier in Alaska. Look, it’s worth it!

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