Dwight Howard

Le défi de Dwight Howard

Important on the 76ers bench, Dwight Howard has suffered a severe blow at the end of the regular season. Be careful not to play too much for the playoffs.

Leaders of the Eastern Conference, 76 players are among the best teams in the league this season. Since Doc is on the reverse bench, there are Joel Emboide’s teammates, he just did Interested confession regarding the MVP file. However, the situation for this team has not changed: it is expected in the playoffs, not before.

During this period, the input of experienced players is important, and this is where Dwight Howard will play a key role. With an average of 7 points and 8.4 restarts in this campaign, we can say anyway that he performs better on the Pennsylvania side.

However, he found himself on Thursday evening Popular argument with Udonis Haslem, And collected the 16th technique this season. If you know the rules, you know it’s similar to suspension, so you won’t be in court this Friday night at T12 to face Orlando.

The suspension match cost Dwight Howard $ 17,688.

Knowing that Howard has touched more than 240 million in his career, this suspension game will not have a big impact on his bank account. However, be careful, because with the playoffs, you have to be quiet with the leading referees.

With Luca Tansic already receiving 15 tricks from the authorities, the 76 Caesars are not the only ones close to suspensions this season. Next, the Slovene will be eliminated, which will not be without consequences for Dallas, which will have to secure its place in the playoffs.

Dwight Howard will not be in the next 76ers game, which is a reminder that he has not befriended leading referees in this campaign. Be careful not to play with fire, especially in the postseason.

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