The mystery of “Havana Syndrome” begins again: cases found in Washington

Le mystère du "syndrome de La Havane" reprend de plus belle: des cas détectés à Washington

The “Havana Syndrome”, if not much known in Europe, has raised serious questions in recent years on the other side of the Atlantic.

Since November 2016, about 20 U.S. officials working in Havana have reported suffering from strange symptoms such as deafness, balance or coordination problems, dizziness, as well as anxiety and irritability. Unable to work anymore, these diplomats were finally forced to leave the country.

The problem, which was initially limited to Americans working in the Cuban capital, quickly spread to other cities around the world, especially to officials in China, Russia or Uzbekistan.

Microwave radiation?

A strange coincidence that logically worries American officials. After conducting various analyzes and considering several theories, the National Academy of Sciences finally said last December that the most probable cause of these diseases is related to “directed and pulsating radio frequency energy, which is more or less the same as microwave radiation.

If the mystery seems to be solved, it will again provoke debate for a few weeks. The syndrome appears to have affected members of the U.S. administration working in Washington. Le New York Times There are 3 cases within the CIA and other cases detected within the state and the Department of Defense. In total, the number of people infected with the disease now stands at 130, both overseas and on American soil.

Investigations were carried out

At a news conference on May 7, White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said investigations were underway to understand the cause of the mysterious episodes: We take these cases very seriously. Various government agencies are working on this matter. At this time, we do not know the cause of these incidents, most of which occurred abroad.“.

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