MLP: Seven Yankees affected, they all defeated Race the same way

MLP: Seven Yankees affected, they all defeated Race the same way

S.D. Petersburg, Pla. – Gerrit Cole completed 12 strikeouts in eight innings, with Aaron Hicks scoring a sacrificial ball to give the New York Yankees a 1-0 win over Tampa Bay Race on Wednesday.

The match came as the COVID-19 eruption hit the Yankees. Shortstop Clipper Torres was not the only player, but seven positive cases were found among the team staff.

Goal (5-1) had only four wins. This is the fifth start of at least 10 strikeouts this season without even allowing a walk. He hit three batters he faced in his last inning.

Aroldis Chapman came to the bench in the ninth inning. He did not allow any wins, which allowed him to collect his ninth save for the Yankees.

The Covid-19 protocol put the Yankees in trouble for the second time, with Torres being sent off for training as a preventative measure.

Although the vaccine received two medications, six of the seven positive diagnoses were asymptomatic.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said the team is waiting for more test results. He also confirmed that pitch instructor Matt Blake has joined third pad instructor Bill Nevin and first pad instructor Reggie Willis with those who have been found to be positive for the virus.

Goal, who has only allowed three runs this season, conceded two runs or less in his last 12 starts.

Jeffrey Springs replaced Ryan Thompson (2-2) in the seventh inning for the Race team, while the runners-up were second and third with one out. He then saw Hicks smash his sacrificial ball.

In the fifth inning the Yankees were sent off after left-fielder Clint Frasier informed the home plate umpire about the third swing.

Aaron scored three of Judge Yankees ’six wins.

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