Is the Combined Vaccine for Covit and Influenza Coming Soon?

Is the Combined Vaccine for Covit and Influenza Coming Soon?

An American company is looking at a vaccine that is both anti-Govt and influenza. The first results are final.

Two-in-one vaccine? This is the ambition of NovaVox. The American Institute of Biotechnology is currently working on a single vaccine that protects against both influenza and Covid 19..

In the same case

Cancer vaccines coming soon?

Is a combination of the two treatments

NovaVox has already developed a treatment for influenza vaccine, Nanoflu and Covit-19, NVX-Cov 2373. Both of these therapies have been studied separately in Phase 3 clinical trials, and therefore on human volunteers. Both have not yet been recognized. Nevertheless, NovaVox relies on a combination of these therapies for its vaccine. Integrated.

Unlike other vaccines already available, Novavox uses a “subunit” vaccine, which is a protein-based technology. These are provocative Immune response, virus free.

Promoting results

This Monday, In a press release, Novavox announces positive results of its first tests. They were made in hamsters and ferrets. Vaccine “Influenza has shown strong responses against both A and B and protection against SARS-Cowie-2“, Read in the report?

After administering the vaccine to ferrets, Levels of antibodies against influenza and Covid 19 were comparable to those obtained by separately injected vaccines.. Hamsters deliberately exposed the SARS-CoV-2 virus. After the serum is injected, Vaccinated hamsters retained their basal weight.

Otherwise, “Viral load testing in the upper and lower respiratory tract [des hamsters] The virus was not detected for four days after infection“, Refers to Novax.

Human tests soon

Novak has also indicated its willingness to file Urgent approval request for vaccine against Covid 19 in the United Kingdom “In the second quarter of 2021”, then the United States. Otherwise, The test on humans is scheduled for the end of this year.

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