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Alex Rodriguez Wolves

He did! Glenn Taylor, the owner of Wolves, was able to find a buyer of his rights who wanted to sell it last July. Alex Rodriguez – Mark Lore, who has already been in the spotlight for some time, won the shares by effectively taking office in 2023. If it’s not official yet, it’s only a formality now.

Yes, Alex Rodriguez lost his fianc மனைவிe Jennifer Lopez. But if on the love side, nothing is going right, on the business side, everything is fine! In fact, ESPN Former New York Yankees star announces he has concluded a deal with his partner Mark Lore, Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glenn Taylor to buy NBA rights and acquire WNBA from Lynx. Total $ 1.5 billion. Yes we did it, c’est gagné As Dora the Explorer says, as a reminder, A-Road and Lore had the right to privacy last month, but the negotiations did not succeed, allowing Aaron Aflolo to establish themselves. The latter in retro, both friends can now focus on their wolf transformation project. No panic for the city’s fans Said Lakh, The purchase agreement is conditional on the wolves staying in Minneapolis and the ownership is leased to the target center until 2035 (However with a 50 million purchase).

Alex Rodriguez and Mark Lore are reaching a goal that is not new because they had already tried to acquire the New York Mets, who owned the Major League Baseball last year. The Great League, The The second NBA franchise sold out this season after Jazz last October. The two new happy owners seem to be in Glenn Taylor’s – i.e., symbolically – pocket for any occasion. The latter was Bought wolves in 1994 for $ 88 million, To prevent them from going to New Orleans. An excellent investment in value His assets have increased 1605% in 27 years. The acquisition of the duo appears to have been specifically invested in, as Mark Lore is stepping down as head of e-commerce at Walmart, the US-based distribution company, to dedicate himself to the Timberwolves project. The job is there: the franchise has only reached the playoffs once since 2004.

“They asked me to be there for all the results. I enjoy it and I want to teach people. They are two very bright guys. I hope it’s useful for the owner to be confident once they are 100% in control.”

– Glenn Taylor, ESPN

That’s it, in Minneapolis, we went down in fashion The dream is big. We hope the result will be different than Paris Saint-Germain, however it already has nothing to do with an owner, the soft base of conditions for it has become a successful season. Good luck to Alex Rodriguez and Mark Lore in successfully placing full moon wolves in the sky and turning them into wolves.

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Text source: ESPN

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