Russian Foreign Ministry: Hamas is ready to stop its attacks. “In Mutual Policy” | News from around the world

Russian Foreign Ministry: Hamas is ready to stop its attacks.  "In Mutual Policy" |  News from around the world

He provided the information behind the Russian Foreign Ministry Reuters. The Hamas chief offered an opportunity over the phone with the vice president MSZ Mikhail Boktanov. As stressed, the international community must press Israel to end its use of force at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and its illegal actions against the indigenous Arab population.

As announced “The Times of Israel”Israel is not currently seeking a ceasefire.

Destruction caused by Israeli rocket attacks.Hamas confirms the deaths of top commanders killed by Israeli airstrikes

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Tensions in the Middle East. General Phoenix: Netanyahu will not allow the conflict to spread

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The political and social situation in Jerusalem is very complicated. Israel recognizes the city as its “eternal and undivided capital.” However, according to international law, its eastern part is occupied territory, which is illegally annexed by Israel. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of their country at independence. It is associated with the historical and religious significance of the city – the city is sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews. The second Palestinian uprising – the Indipada – erupted due to events in Jerusalem.

Has been in Jerusalem for several weeks ResistanceAnd the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis Police. Due to the court sentence (currently adjourned) related to the displacement of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Zarra settlement in East Jerusalem. Jewish settlers will take their place.

Israeli immigration to the eastern Arab region and west coast of Jerusalem is illegal under international law and even condemned by Israel’s allies. However, Israeli officials are questioning the interpretation of the Geneva Convention in this regard. The fact that such displacements are illegal under international law is a matter of concern to M.A.In. European union. Palestinians have been displaced by Arab families and occupied by Jewish settlers as part of a broader effort to seize East Jerusalem permanently.

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The moment Tamir launches a missile from a position near the city of AshkelonPalestinians test the durability of the iron dome

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