The railroad that designed America still has a future

The railroad that designed America still has a future

Conclusion – The infrastructure project proposed by Joe Biden could revive passenger rail transport in the United States. Alternate to plane and road.

Washington Correspondent

The Union Station, located next to the Capitol, is another popular landmark in the US federal capital. With its neoclassical fa மற்றும்ade and its vaults inspired by the bath of Diocletian in Rome, it was built at the height of rail transport, on a country-continent, thanks to its railroad. Since 1971, it has also been the headquarters of Amtrak, a semi-public company that operates long-distance passenger trains in the United States.

Fifty years after its creation, Amtrak continues to carry millions of passengers each year, contrary to 1960s estimates. Union Station is the end of its bustling Northeast Corridor, which connects Washington DC with Boston, passes through Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, and is one of the most populous areas in the country.

Announcement of Infrastructure Project

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