The UN highlights the importance of mental health services among epidemics

The UN highlights the importance of mental health services among epidemics

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that mental health has been neglected for a long time and today there is a need to invest more in these services and fight the stigma of seeking help.

In order to raise awareness about the issue, May recalled her mental health month through her official Twitter account.

Earlier this year, the UN The report stressed that this aspect should also be a priority in responding to the Covid 19 epidemic.

The health crisis affects the mental health of families and communities, with decades of neglect and lack of investment in these types of services, the report details.

Since the onset of the epidemic in 2020, Guterres has drawn attention to the psychological consequences of this situation, especially among leading health workers dealing with workloads.

Some of the problems described are grief from the loss of loved ones, loneliness from stress, movement controls and employment problems, difficult family dynamics, uncertainties and fear for the future.

These features are included in the policy summary: Covit-19 and the need for action on mental health.

Similarly, the report warns of the psychological burden faced by the elderly, adolescents and young people, those with pre-existing mental conditions and those caught up in conflict and crisis.

According to the World Health Organization, people with severe mental illnesses die prematurely more than two decades ago due to preventable physical conditions.

Despite progress in some countries, the United Nations agency indicates that people with mental health problems often suffer from serious human rights violations, discrimination and stigma.

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