Australia: Loyal appeal to the city of Rome against their bishop

Australia: Loyal appeal to the city of Rome against their bishop

Several thousand Australian believers have sent an appeal to Rome condemning their bishop and his vicar general for their open commitment to the doctrine of gender and their support for homosexual lobbies. The demonstration was also organized.

“Abandon Our Children”, “Bishop Long Mistake”: On April 25, 2021, billboards with colorful slogans bloom in the hands of protesters quietly installed in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Parametta (New South Wales).

Diocese in turmoil: Thousands of believers have appealed to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) to remove their bishop.

In trouble: The attitude of Bishop Vincent Long van Nuyen and his vicar general, Father Christopher de Souza, regarding Catholic morality is not accepted.

Both secularists have been criticized as the real Trojan horses of gender ideology: the promotion of homosexuality in diocesan schools, the constant clichs about content வர்கள் the faithful can no longer take this.

The bishop would have pressured both priests, who protested against their ordinary views.

There is also the question of mismanagement related to the construction of the cathedral, which has damaged diocesan funds.

Bishop Long, 59, the first bishop to lead a diocese outside Vietnam, was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI in 2011 as deputy bishop of Melbourne.

He was elected by Pope Francis to take over the reign of the Diocese of Paramatman in 2016, after Bishop Anthony Fisher, who was later ordained Archbishop of Sydney.

In early 2017, Bishop Long presented his plan, affirming that the Diocese of Paramatman is “a home for all people, (a home with content and unity)” within which “we must be committed to achieving our LGBTI brothers and sisters”.

Following this direction the faithful of their bishop, Parametta, appealed to Rome: on April 27, twenty-four page notes, with forty-three attachments, flew to the Holy Office Palace.

A document following two petitions signed by 3,000 and 4,000 believers was sent to the person concerned and to the Apostolic Nuncio in Australia, in June and September last year.

“We now pray that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will help save our diocese, our children, our seminars, our clergy and our faithful, from repeated violations of the doctrine to the detriment of our souls”, Bernard Singh, at the beginning of the first petition.

The ball is now in CDF offices.

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