“People don’t understand how difficult this is.”

Dwight Howard

Playing in the NBA, one of the most competitive sports leagues in the world, is not easy. It’s even harder to stay there for as long as it takes to integrate valuable rankings. Dwight Howard, who made more history against Detroit, called him back after the game.

Dwight Howard, who was named with the Lakers last year, was finally able to hit the target off his list. By joining the Sixers in the office, he decided to try the last career challenge, to get a ring with the Pennsylvania franchise that was number one until 2005. As a lining Joel Empiat, Under circles, especially as he continues to contribute to regeneration. His 14 units against the pistons also helped him reach Milestone Top Rating:

Dwight Howard became the 11th best rebounder in history tonight.

A good performance from the T12 that could enter the top 10 next season. The lead after the meeting was so humble that he could probably digest the record he had just made. The respect he felt in the post-match interview was clear:

It’s a blessing to be able to play this game for so long and be the first 11 player to return. I don’t think people will understand how difficult it is to get a list of some of these great players.

With more than 12 career average restarts (including two seasons with more than 14 catches per game in 2008 and 2012), the former Orlando-owned player is undoubtedly one of the experts in the field. No matter what rights he played, the two-time slam dunk winner always took the losing shots in the spots. Howard also recalled that he did so at a time when basketball was becoming more and more popular:

The basketball era is different, restarts are not just about paint. They are long, so it is very difficult to get a restart. So, I am very grateful to Noble for giving me a strong body to regain. It takes a lot, so I want to do my best for the success of his team.

After overtaking Walt Bellamy, Dwight Howard now has Nate Thurmand in his sights. If he retains his current position, he should be in the top 10 in 2021-22. From there, why not try to move the list further up?

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