European Cup: Can London go to the finals to cheer the stadium on?

European Cup: Can London go to the finals to cheer the stadium on?

The clash for the European Championship title will take place against La Rochelle on May 22 at Twickenham. Organizers announced that the majestic London Stadium would welcome 10,000 spectators. Will a section of the public come from France? Betting on relaxing health rules will undoubtedly be required.

This is the poster that all “red and black” supporters dream of. With State Toulouse as the hero of the European Cup final. This year, after 11 years, Toulouse will play in the final again in an attempt to win the most prestigious European title.

It will be on Saturday, May 22, against La Rochelle. The organizers, who had originally planned the meeting in Marseille, finally planned the meeting at the majestic Twickenham campus in London. EPCR, the organizer of the competition, said 10,000 spectators could take part in the stand to attend the competition. Also, seats are already for sale, On the Twickenham website.

But under what conditions can you go to the UK after receiving your sesame? If you choose to take it at all costs, your journey will be fraught with dangers!

Once you set foot on the other side of the channel, you will have to go it alone for 10 days. In addition, as the French consulate in London has noted, you will have to undergo several screening tests: “From February 15, all passengers authorized to travel to the UK will have to take the Covit-19 test on the 2nd day, the 8th day of their imprisonment. These tests do not allow you to leave your compulsory isolation period of 10 days and add restrictions. If one of the two tests is positive, a new isolation period of 10 days must be taken. “

The only hope for “red and black” fans: Hope to electrify health rules by May 22nd.

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