Why was Tarantino’s film accused of racism?

Django Unchained : pourquoi le film de Tarantino a été accusé de racisme ?

Jango Unchained: Why was Tarantino's film accused of racism?

Django UNCHAINED. When released in 2013, Django Unchained was a popular success, but also faced criticism. Quentin Tarantino’s film was particularly accused of racism. Reasons.


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[Mis à jour le 9 mai 2021 à 20h45] Released in 2013, Django is one of the director’s best-selling and most popular hits. Quentin Tarantino. But if his tumultuous West condemns slavery in the West America, he is still subject to racist accusations. The film was critically acclaimed by American critics for its outrageous use of the word “beginning with an N” 110 times in film reviews. Other critics believe that it is reasonable to use the word because of its context.

Then, Spike Lee, who had already argued with Quentin Tarantino over Jackie Brown a few years ago, became embroiled in controversy. The African-American filmmaker, who has pledged equal rights, especially through his films, told Vibe TV he was “not going to watch”. [le film]. Everything I say is disrespectful to my ancestors. But it’s about me … I don’t speak for anyone else. “He later clarified his point in a tweet:” Slavery in the United States is not a tumultuous West La La Sergio Leon. It was a massacre. My ancestors were slaves. Stolen from Africa. I respect them. Despite the controversy, Django Unchain won two Oscars in 2013 (Christoph Waltz and Best Supporting Actor for Best Original Screenplay) and grossed $ 425 million at the world box office.

Summary – In the late 1850s, South America. Dr. Schultz, a German bounty hunterChristoph Waltz), Buys a slave named Jango (Jamie Foxx). Only the latter can help Brit find the brothers, the two murderers he is looking for. Dr. Schuttles promises to release Django as soon as he is able to capture the British brothers. After this successful mission, Dr. Schultz decides to free Janko. But both continue to march in search of criminals in the south of the country. Dr. Schultz agrees to help Janko find and rescue his wife, Bromhilda (Kerry Washington), who is in the hands of a very violent landowner.

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