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Dans le secret des laboratoires de Moderna

A year ago, some called the president of Moderna an idiot. However, Stephen Boncel, the French boss of an American company, was convinced that a new type of vaccine could be developed to fight the Covit-19 that was about to take over the world. The success of his race can already be summarized in a few figures. Govt has sold 120 million vials of the vaccine. Three billion units are already planned for next year. The revolutionary ambassador’s RNA technique was developed in one of Modernna’s many laboratories. Monitoring the growth and risk of Covit-19 should be done on a daily basis. Andrea Corby, director of epidemiological research at Moderna, is the scientist responsible for the new challenge of variation. According to the scientist, his team often evaluates mutations to escape antibodies. Since the onset of the epidemic, the number of Modern staff has almost doubled. U.S. Biotech hopes to get approval to vaccinate children between the ages of 12 and 17 soon. And his plans do not stop there. For the future, Stephen Pancel is already imagining the annual boost of the anti-Govt vaccine in conjunction with the flu.

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