Empire of the series. “The Flight Attendant”, a thriller with high flying black comedy

Empire of the series.  "The Flight Attendant", a thriller with high flying black comedy
Flight host of Cale Quogo"Flight Assistant ".
Kale Cuogo is the flight attendant for “The Flight Attendant”. (PHIL CARUSO @ 2019 HBO WARNER TV)

An alcoholic and unwanted flight attendant finds herself in a luxury hotel in Bangkok one morning with a bloody corpse in her bed. What happened ? How can this love night turn so sad?

The chaotic pitch of the series is a mix of thriller and black feminine comedy. Plane Atentant, On the French “The Air Hostess”, the American channel HBO’s new 8-episode series is available on Warner TV and Michanel.

In the comic series Big Band Theory, Kale Cuco played with Verve Penny, a neighbor of two geeks in California, a bar clerk full of common sense. He has a wacky page in this new series he is producing.

This time, she is Cassandra, the linet-headed air hostess wearing those blue and light blue dresses. A presenter who always has the art and method to make the wrong choices and get into trouble. It is especially prone to hallucinations due to its focus on alcohol. The corpse suddenly starts talking to him …

Around her, as in the Best Women series, more or less a battalion of good friends and colleagues and the FBI can quickly suspect her. The only solution is to transform yourself into a detective and try to figure out what happened.

This series is an adaptation of a novel Chris Bojalian. The series borrows codes from 60s spy films. Awesome cartoon credits with angular design see endless falls in the blue sky. The series runs “with split-screens”, with two images simultaneously on the screen.

A series that gradually turns into a twisted thriller, dark comedy reminiscent of other series written by the same author, Greg Berlandi, You, On Netflix, contained rumors of a psychiatrist who loved his target. In Flight Assistant, The heroine must overcome her own fears and delusions to find the culprit. A high-rhythm, feminine and aphid series. Well rounded entertainment.

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