Blue Zeus: Nate Pearson is about to start tomorrow

Blue Zeus: Nate Pearson is about to start tomorrow

Patrick Murphy. Kirby Yates. Thomas Hatch. Tommy Millon. George Springer. Julian Merriweather. David Phelps. Joe Panick. Alejandro Kirk. Anthony Castro.

This list is available to all Zeus players on the injured list. Raphael Dolis could be added soon.

Things in the store are bad, As they say. In Toronto, the club will need a little help as every passing day is still a chance for a player to get injured.

In this set, several players are on the 60-day injury list. We include Patrick Murphy, Julian Merweather, Thomas Hutch, Kirby Yates and, as of today, Alejandro Kirk. David Phelps is also a potential candidate.

At least some good news is waiting for the team. Why? Because the team can trust Nate Pearson tomorrow to start the last game of the series against the Astros.

He made the trip with the team and we hope he sees the pitch. It’s not official, but it’s the plan.

Anthony Kay is scheduled to be the starter tomorrow, and if he doesn’t play today, he should follow Nate Pearson, who has yet to take six innings.

Five days ago, when he started the AAA (which was the first trip of the year), he excelled in 3.2 innings. He has eight men in three strikes, at a maximum (logically) in 3.2 innings.

So this is good news for Jayas who need reinforcement. Who is better than their # 1 belief in circumstances?

To be continued tomorrow.

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  • Here is the list for the day.

  • Hyun-Jin Ryu is practicing hitting and he is playing in Atlanta this week.
  • Not to be missed from 8pm.

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