“Tough player to defend? Me … and Kevin Torrent”

Les joueurs s'enflamment devant la performance de Kevin Durant ! NBA

One thing NBA players don’t have is self-confidence! Proof, one player was asked about his tough ability to defend in the league, and he did not hesitate to engage himself in the same division as Kevin Durant, but is considered the best all-time in offensive planning!

The NBA is currently inhabited by very high quality scores, each with its own minor specialties. For example, Zion Williamson A monster in the painting, where he scored the majority, otherwise his 27 points would not be average! Despite the possible outcome of his injury and season, The interior has already positioned itself as a machine near the circle.

On the contrary, Stephen Curry And Damien Lillard have become experts at shooting very long distances by tying bombs from the logo! The Warriors Point Guard is largely responsible for the game change in the NBA, and The Blazers did not fail to give him a big compliment For this historic achievement.

There are those who know how to do everything, they are comfortable behind the curve, they are in the middle or near the basket. Bradley Peel obviously falls into this category, he was interviewed ESPN Among other major league scores. According to him, one player stands out from the crowd.

Journalist: I want to know who is the toughest player to defend in the NBA?

Bradley Peel : So I would say, but Kevin Durant is very hard to defend. For the simple reason that he is 2m10 and he can make all the imaginary gestures.

Bradley Peel is actually an attacking reference in the NBA because he has to average 30 points in the second season in a row … but Kevin Torrent Is on another planet. If he does not show it with explosions for 50 or 60 points every night, the All-Star of Nets can legally score higher than anyone, which commands the respect and fame of his teammates!

Bradley Peel has some good points in this conversation, he didn’t run an average of 31 points for no reason! The only difference between him and Kady is the visual intent.

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