One of the Facebook pages of the code-native-linguistics company was stolen

One of the Facebook pages of the code-native-linguistics company was stolen

2021.05.08. 08:20

Foreign hackers entered the linguistic company Facebook page. If anyone searches on Facebook for a page called on a page called Caso Serrado Club de Fans, cyber thieves will currently retain its URL. The new theme is built around a Spanish court show called Caso Cerato.

A video other than the first title was released on April 23, after which only the profile and cover image and the introductory text of the page have been changed. The news also appeared as a post, during which many people reported a fake page pointing out that it might have been stolen.

This is not a unique case, and it has been a regular occurrence for Fishers to steal Facebook profiles for years. It can take days to retrieve them, but for theme pages it can be even more difficult because they are used by profiles by administrators and editors, and if a profile is hacked and the page rights are transferred to another person, retrieving can be more complicated. In this case, it is worth contacting your Facebook staff.

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