Joel Empiot destroys … his team’s victory line

Le vilain manque de respect de Joel Embiid à un adversaire après son match NBA

In the wake of a beautiful win for the 76ers, Joel Empiat was eager to calm everyone on his team. As for the center, there’s nothing to be happy about: the hardest going on in the playoffs.

With the Nets ’worst series, those closest to the crisis in sight Kyrie Irving’s reaction, 76 have mostly reclaimed their thrones at the Eastern Conference. With a record of 46-21, they are now 3 games ahead of Brooklyn. Considering the remaining few games and the men’s form of Doc Rivers, the first place is almost won.

Because yes, Joel Empiat Its partners have been doing the work recently. With 7 wins in a row, the title is in good shape, which fits well into the playoffs. Finally, there seems to be a big problem with this big series, not precisely for Cameron.

Hawks, Spurs, Bulls, Rockets or Pelicans, who have been on their way to the Sixers in recent weeks. As you can see, this is not really worth it, because we are talking about the teams that will play mainly draft in the next office. At a press conference, Embiat wanted to calm down his own team.

We never really played against good teams. Before this series, we encountered Milwaukee twice, in Phoenix, and then when Steff Curry was hot. We had complex games against them, against good teams. Recently, dating has become easier, which is why we dominate.

Disagree with Joel. In fact, shortly before the series, the Philadelphia Warriors suffered a series of defeats against the Suns, and then twice against the Bucks. The best teams, against which the Pennsylvania claim failed to get to the top. As for the playoffs, this is not the best.

As for the emboide, there is no question of ignition, we understand it correctly. Billy has to go a long way to get out of the East, especially since there is competition. On Sunday night, the team faces the pistons, mostly for an affordable meeting. To prepare for playoffs and misery, we know better.

7 wins in a row? Yes, but against the teams at the bottom of the table. Joel Empiat is not carried away and wants to put his head on his shoulders. It’s hard to blame him here, because it’s only in the playoffs that he needs to chain the wins.

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