Is there evidence of volcanoes, or is Mars more inhabited?

Is there evidence of volcanoes, or is Mars more inhabited? Some time ago, inventory In space SpaceX Back from the station In space International (ISS), And brought home several items, including Grapes Or drinks Red grapes.

The researchers also studied several red wine drinks that had been in the ISS for about a year.

In that study, as reported Room, On Thursday (6/5/2021), in addition to the changes in the taste of the wine, showed that this drink ages faster than the wines on earth.

Earlier, researchers sent 12 bottles to the Portix Wine Space Station in November 2019 using the Northrop Krumman Cygnus cargo plane.

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The cargo spacecraft does not carry only food items for ISS astronauts.

But come up with some things to study how gravity or zero gravity in space affects grapes or wines as they age.

Grapes It was in a closed tube in orbit for 438 days and 19 hours before returning to Earth on the cargo spacecraft SpaceX Dragon in January 2020.

Red wine ages, compared to the same bottle of wine that aged simultaneously on Earth International Space Station, Maybe too old, one to two years or even three years old.

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Shutterstock / Q. Decha Explanation of wine, wine fermented drink.

“It may have taken one to two or even three years longer than you would expect from an aging wine on earth,” said wine writer Jane Anson.

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Anson was one of 12 panelists who took part in the taste test after the wine returned from space.

Of the team members, five (including Anson) are professional wine testers.

For the first part of the experiment, the panelists were given three glasses of wine, not knowing which glass contained the wine from space.

“If we could see a difference at the time, we were looking for perfumes and scenery.” We basically had to choose which of the three was different, “Anson said.

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“Of those, I saw the difference in the evolution of the color of the wine in one of them. I don’t know what it is,” he added.

For the second part of the experiment, the team members tasted the two wines and made a direct comparison. According to Anson, the taste of these two wines is excellent.

“The main thing to look at first is, did this wine last? Are these two good quality? The answer is of course, yes, “said Anson.

“Unanimously, both wines are considered excellent wines, which means that despite staying on the International Space Station for 14 months, ‘space wine’ is highly emotional,” said Philippe Doriot, a researcher at the University of Bordeaux. France.

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