Condors destroys California family home | Abroad

Condors destroys California family home |  Abroad

“They’re not gone yet,” daughter China Quintero tweeted. He says the animals have caused significant damage to the corridor. The gondor is a dangerous creature, of which only about 500 currently fly through US airspace. Some of them (160) live in California.

‘Boop It All’

Although Condor may have a pretty scary look, the mother of the family is not deterred in any way. “My little mom walked up to those big birds and tried to scare them,” China Quintero said on Twitter. This in turn does not mean that the birds are attracted. As for China, they cannot be driven out. “They stay on the roof here and shake everything underneath.”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service took note of Quintero’s tweets and said their home was located where the Condors’ habitat was once. “If this happens again, we recommend that you intimidate them so that they do not get hurt. For example, drive a garden hose and make loud noises. A scarecrow can also come in handy, ”says Nature.

‘Do Contour Things’

It turned out to work. Quintero says his mother gave the birds ‘a nice shower’ through the garden pipe, so they decided to go into the tree a few meters away from their property. “It simply came to our notice then. Waiting, watching, doing the little things, ”he tweeted.

The California gondola is one of the largest birds in the world. This animal has been a protected species in the United States since 1967.

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