MLP: Jose Altue set aside Puss to score a home run against the Yankees

MLP: Jose Altue set aside Puss to score a home run against the Yankees

Encouraged at Yankee Stadium, Jose Altue scored a three-run home run to give the Houston Astros a 7-4 win.

On his 31st birthday, Altwey did not receive a prize in New York City because he received hostile treatment due to a signal theft scandal that affected the 2017 Astros he was a part of.

The Astros set aside a second paceman as his team trailed 3-2 in the seventh inning. He sent Chad Green’s pitch to the stand and slapped his three points, allowing his team to finally win.

Altuve calms the crowd with a 3-point slap

Gerrit Cole previously worked at the yard for the Yankees. In seven innings, he conceded only two runs. Green gets only one return to his name.

Giancarlo Stondon extended his run to 12 runs in the third inning over Lance McCullers Jr. The latter allowed three runs in six innings.

An attacker looks at the Red Sox and smiles

The Boston Red Sox won the offensive against the Detroit Tigers 12-9.

The Sox trailed 9-8 as they closed the eighth inning, but the four-point drive ensured they were in control of the game. Christian Vasquez equaled identity with a production single.

One mistake by Jaime Candelario allowed Christian Arroyo to take the lead for Sox. Alex Verdugo followed with a single that drove both teams home.

Rafael Divers scored three runs in the victory for Boston. With the Tigers giving up just six runs in the fourth and third innings, Nathan Evalti can thank his teammates for their support of the attack.

Other American results:

Rangers 4 – Twins 3 (10 Manches)
Tex: Willie Calhoun gave his team a win by a single in the 10th inning
MIN: Michael Pineda hit 5 batters and allowed 6 wins in 6 innings

Indians 4 – Royals 0
CLE: Reyes hit the eighth longest ball of the season at the front
KC: Danny Duffy allowed three runs and eight wins in two innings of five and three

Rays 8 – Angels3
Tuberculosis: Race scored seven points in 8th place
Law: Andrew Heaney hit 10 batters, not allowing runs in six and two-thirds of the innings

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