Melanie Laurent locked in a cryonics box on “Oxygen” on Netflix

Melanie Laurent locked in a cryonics box on "Oxygen" on Netflix

In Oxygen, A claustrophobic anticipation thriller, filmed after the first imprisonment and aired on Netflix on Wednesday 12 May, starring actress Melanie Laurent suffocating, locked in a cryonics box. For this in-production, Alexandre Aja, the director of Triangle, an American online video company in France, has reworked his footsteps and polished aesthetics in genre films in Hollywood (from Pranha3d In வலம்).

In Oxygen, Melanie Laurent plays the size of a coffin in a box, throughout the film’s 100 dream minutes. Locked up with the voice of a personal digital assistant (Matthew Amalric) for all companies, his character tries to put together his past puzzle to escape. But little by little the oxygen comes out. Shortness of breath, panic attack, pain, tears …. “A character directed intuition“, Says with a smile, 38-year-old, non-actress”Never feel tired“His whole life was only in front of Alexandre Aja’s camera.

I crawled to my bed every night“, But with”As an actress, moving in the mountains, I have only been a few times in my career like I have been to places I have never been.“, He says in a video interview.

Take advantage of the fact that France is one of the first countries to resume filming and shoot a survival film in the summer of 2020. “There was a pretty spectacular glass effect“, Alexandre remembers Aja, whose image addresses the search for identity or our relationship to artificial intelligence. The screenplay was written before the health crisis, but”There was such a big sound board with messages (…) It has become a kind of proof that there is a need to explore this journey“, Continues the 42-year-old director, who initially thought of handing over the role to an Anglo-Saxon actress who had not decided to shoot near Paris before the health crisis.

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According to Melanie Laurent, the first imprisonment she spent in the countryside was during the epidemic with her plans and “Really wanted to (…) Must have a very strong character“He says about 25 days of very physical shooting, while disintegrating in a crisis place.”It was utterly insane to have such intense days, to be plunged into darkness, to discover the heat waves on the evening of August, and in the full restoration, life began again very normally and very insanely.“, He recalled.

Usually, when you’re an actor, you always have the breath, the time to think of something else … there, we lived it. Non-stop, “the actress continues, she says”A section of people who can be 100,000% in a film without stopping to talk to each other about the next film …“.

Since its release in 2006 I’m fine, don’t worry, He got down to filming, by directing (including a successful documentary) Tomorrow, With environmental activist Cyril Dion), and after his role in Toronto, is part of the United States English Bastards (2009). This has become rare recently. 2021 is the year the sites return. Anger “Oxygen“, His next project was handed over to Amazon Prime, for the American company’s debut in the production of French films: an adaptation of the novel by Victoria Mass. The Ball des Foles, Where he shares the screen with Lou de la ages.

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