Three magical places two hours from London

Des bateaux de pêche à Whitstable au Royaume-Uni

Trapped for months by health measures and inability to travel, we all want to escape. Here are three ideas for getting fresh air in a magical atmosphere.

A weekend at Whitstep to go to a port

Travel time from London: 2 hours 20 by car directly from Victoria Station, train less than an hour and a half.

Its vague strength is that it mixes kilometers of beach, sand and pebbles to everyone’s delight, bordering small apartments and colorful beach huts, all of which are different from each other. Here you can find the last favorite oyster of the coastal city, the “favorite” The attraction of local gastronomy is a pillar of the city’s tourism activities, making it famous for its seafood harvest, especially valuable oysters from Roman times.

You will find wonderful pubs, a museum, a cinema and many thrift stores and independent shops. All the perfect items for enjoying a long weekend and the satisfaction of long walks on the beach. The Whitstable is appreciated for its somewhat rustic charm, while at the same time weaving a small resort style look sprinkled with a chic and warm side.

This destination is best for a weekend away from London’s bustling and relentless health worries. The balance between a small, modest fishing town and a fashionable tourist attraction gives it a real uniqueness. If you win, head back in July to the popular oyster festival that takes place there every year.

Riding a bicycle in bright whitewashed terrain
Eric Kane – Unsplash

Marlowe reconnects with peace and plenty of activity

Travel time: About 50 minutes by train from London, you can get there in less than 2 hours.

Between the meadows and woods and the banks of the Thames, Marlowe will cater to green maniacs, waterfront lovers, small English town aficionados (and small buccolic villages like Little Marlow), and wildlife lovers. You can admire the famous bridge over the Thames, a building classified as ‘Grade 1’ in the UK. Otherwise, there you will find everything that makes English life beautiful: small stalls, inns, as well as many walkways.

A horse grazes on the grass, the forest in the background
Annie Spratt – Unsplash

New Forest National Park for its wild flora and fauna

Travel time: It is usually less than 2h15 to go by car.

For the cleanest of nature walkers, the new Forest National Park will meet your need to escape within a reasonable distance from London. At 566 km2 of the park, you can visit the park on various routes ranging from a few hundred meters or tens of thousands of kilometers depending on your appetite. Over 160 km, you can easily go on a cycle path for a walk with family or alone.

If you are a fan of natural life, this destination is definitely for you: the park specializes in its diversity based on different species of ponies (almost 5000 roaming is free in the park!), But also owls, donkeys or all kinds of reptiles. Some excursions are treated like safaris! For example, the deer stock of Boulderwood is now protected.

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