Teleworking: Google switches to “hybrid” operating system

Sundar Pichai, le PDG d'Alphabet s'attend désormais à ce qu'environ 60 % du personnel de Google travaille au bureau « quelques jours par semaine ».

The telecommunications technology world is asking for its grip. Twitter, Facebook and now Google allow some of their employees to work from home for a lifetime. In an email to his teams on Wednesday, Alphabet’s general manager, Sundar Pichai, announced that he expects 20% of his 200,000 employees in the United States, Europe, Brazil and India to never return to office.

At least many people can go to other corporate sites, he said. With 140,000 employees headquartered in Mountain View, California, this opportunity may be particularly interesting, as Google has offices in more than 19 U.S. states.

Can’t return until September

The technology firm confirms the desire to switch to a “hybrid” operating system at the end of the epidemic, while at the same time providing greater flexibility for its employees. By the end of July 2020, Mountain View was one of the first U.S. companies to extend Delivery so far. The company does not plan to return to the site before the summer of 2021. In December, Sundar Pichai told his staff to postpone the date to September 1.

Since then, returning to work has begun slowly. But it is a question of returning to the “world before.” During the consultation, most employees indicated that they would like to return to the office after the infection, but not full time, CNBC reported in December. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai now expects 60% of Google employees to work in the office “some days a week”. Employees will spend about three days in the office. For the rest of the week, they will be free to choose to work from home, or “wherever they can perform best,” says Sundar Pichai.

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Embraced pay

Google employees will also be given the opportunity to make telecommunications four weeks a year from wherever they want. This initiative will help to organize vacations especially for employees. The pay of each will be changed according to the selected situation, indicates Sundar Pichai. The application process for employees who want to change office will be given in mid-June.

Flexibility accepted by the Department of Technology is an exception. This is in stark contrast to the approach followed by the big banks in particular, The “Wall Street Journal” underlines. Wells Fargo & Co. and J.P. Morgan expect most of their employees to return to the office after the outbreak.

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