This is the night sky of Mars

Това е нощното небе на Марс

Mars Rover “Stability” for the first time Filmed the night sky on Mars Using a camera that is part of the MEDA weather system. NASA announced this on Twitter.

Photos show stars and moon on Mars – Bobos. Equipped with the diligence meta (Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer) system. It has several sensors and a control unit that weighs 5.5 kilograms.

NASA Mars rover diligently takes a selfie with a miniature helicopter on Mars

Weighing about 1.8 kg, the helicopter will make its maiden flight to the Red Planet in its early days.

It was previously reported that the ingenious helicopter designed to fly in the conditions of Mars could not take off for unknown reasons.

On April 19 he made his first test flight to the planet. He also sent a picture of his shadow to Mars.

NASA has successfully tested a small helicopter on Mars

NASA has successfully tested a small helicopter on Mars

A similar mission has been approved for Titan, Saturn’s largest moon

The helicopter landed on Mars in February and is part of the Mars rover “Persistence”, which monitors the helicopter’s test and transmits images and other data obtained during test flights to Earth.

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