Bières, argent, produits gratuits... Aux Etats-Unis, tout est bon pour inciter les gens à se faire vacciner

Pierce, money, free products … In the United States, everything is good to encourage people to get vaccinated

As we know, vaccination to control Govt infection has become a global health issue. As a result, some do not hesitate to pick up heavy artillery to push people across the curriculum. This is the situation in many U.S. cities and states that provide compensation for future vaccines.

According to the New York Times, New Jersey offers a free beer (participation must be taken from the liquor) that all adults over the age of 21 receive the first dose. Connecticut is betting on this strategy, offering a drink (alcohol or not) for new vaccines. In West Virginia, the incentive goes even higher as young people between the ages of 16 and 35 can apply for $ 100 worth of savings bonds. Finally, in Detroit, people who play taxis are rewarded. For someone who is taken to a vaccination center, residents of this city receive a $ 50 gift card, without a maximum limit!

All of these efforts are a way for the United States to achieve 70% collective immunity. Thanks to these small gifts, the country hopes to bring down the most skeptical, while at the same time leaving everyone free to choose whether or not to vaccinate.

“A carrot is more effective than a stick”

“Humans often respond better to carrots than sticks,” confirmed Dr Megan Ronnie, an emergency physician at Brown University. “The use of vocabulary that does not indicate duty or duty to vaccinate is more likely to work,” he continued.

But there are plenty of antivoxes in the United States. By refusing to bite, these men and women are undermining the successful continuation of the vaccine campaign. Worse, they, According to some experts, One of the reasons that prevents the United States from achieving joint immunity. So Arthur Kaplan, a professor of medical ethics at New York University, firmly believes: these are not small gifts, they will change the mind. “Resistance to vaccines and reluctance to move it runs deeper than that.”

After all, some cities are constantly trying their luck. Last Friday, the Los Angeles Vaccine Center distributed free gift baskets to anyone who came to their home for vaccination. An initiative from the Municipal Council and the Center for Cultural Arts.

Relying on the benefits of these efforts, the Governor of Maryland, Republican Larry Hogan, has suggested that companies do the same in the meantime. “I strongly encourage all companies in the country to offer benefits to their workers,” he said in a statement.

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