Oops! Mali woman gives birth to 9 children | Daily News

Oops!  Mali woman gives birth to 9 children |  Daily News

On May 5, the British BBC News website reported that Malian Halimasis had given birth to nine twins, five women and four men in a hospital caesarean section. In Morocco the Malian government paid for his trip by plane. Went there to do a cesarean because the medical system is very modern and safe

Female Health Minister Fonda Saibi said Ms. Siss and her nine children were in good health. Congratulations to the doctors and nurses from both countries on the results

Medical experts say giving birth to nine twins is a very difficult thing. This means that many babies will not survive normally after complications and childbirth.

Ciss’s pregnancy creates surprise and excitement for Mali people across the country A doctor in Mali has scanned only seven embryos not yet born.The medical team in Mali is concerned. About his safety and the chances of the fetus surviving so the Malian government had to intervene.

The Malian government decided on March 30 to move to a hospital in Morocco, two weeks after being hospitalized in Bamako. After 5 weeks there Mrs. Cisse gives birth to a large pair of twins. Tuesday, May 4 with a cesarean section

Siss and her nine children are expected to return to Mali. In the coming weeks.

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