Hariri was caught between Riyadh and Hezbollah

Hariri was caught between Riyadh and Hezbollah

Hyam Kassifi wrote News“Even if Hariri takes a step that should be directed in the Saudi direction, the fear is that he will be delayed in taking it, especially as Hariri is waiting for a clear permit, not for Riyadh’s position, but for Hezbollah’s position. In addition to this position, the cover image of the Sunni “Harris” is still above, pointing out that the party has not abandoned Hariri, and that any harm to him will be reflected on the Sunni street, and that Hariri’s representation has been weakened, since the agreement and the independence patriotic movement have further intensified to present its government structure. Fame has waned. The party knows that harming the president-elect will cause tension, and he and others need it. Until now, he has been sticking with him, in exchange for not ripening government food. However, in exchange for pushing the party, Hariri seems to need more clear motivation to control the deal and Basil’s impetus. More clearly neutralizing the writer’s path. Time is running out for everyone, not in the sense of waiting for regional talks and the outcome of the French news, because the position of Saudi Arabia and the party has remained the same since Hariri was appointed. In contrast, Rosa is in the current position because she is more efficient at choosing internal things. Accumulating financial and economic crises and recording more social breakdowns will open the door to potential political shocks. This may be one of the excuses that governs the right of the government to portray the right to remove subsidies as unavoidable. Any trend of this kind will counteract all its burdens and negatives against the new government. If the government produces quickly, will Hariri be able to bear the consequences of this right once he arrives? Can a new government at the beginning of its arrival in the light of the removal of subsidies confront the rights of the people and turn Hariri into a confrontation with the people, which is the basis for facing a totally unpopular economic and financial challenge and, therefore, will he not repeat the experience of his last resignation if it does not come without full external coverage to ensure the commitment of its president?

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