“Reims is the best organization” for the director of the detective film festival

"Reims is the best organization" for the director of the detective film festival

Bruno Barde is the Managing Director of General System Cinema. He has presided over the Detective Film Festival, but has also been to other popular festivals, such as the American Film Festival (in Deauville) or the Fantastic Film Festival (Gerard Marr). For this experienced man, experienced in important events, Rhymes is the best organization to host a detective film festival. First, based on its geographical location, it is “45 minutes by train and easily accessible from Charles-de-Cole Airport”. But “its popularity and its importance in French culture. Reims is a city of crowned cities, a city of elegance. It has a history with thrillers, ”says Bruno Barde. The latter also sees it as a daily convenience, necessary for a festival to function. “The large complex with 11 rooms (operaes) is located in the hyper center, easily accessible by hotel in minutes. It’s the capital. In comparison, they were interesting. “Cake icing,” This is the home of champagne and I love champagne “, Bruno Barde laughs.

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