In London, a French soprano’s “Coronasolph”

In London, a French soprano's "Coronasolph"

Who said music theory was boring? Soprano and composer Hellos Werner’s initiative “Coronasolph”, launched during the first imprisonment, proves the opposite!

Hello Werner At the age of thirty, he trained for a master’s degree Radio France, In Paris, then he set out to study music and complete his lessons across the channel University of Cambridge, Then to London. One year ago, in March 2020, the date of the radiation, stuck in the house with no chance for concerts, he began to post a series of videos Twitter And Instagram, In the name of the situation: ” Coronasolph .

Social media success

One year later, after 37 videos, Hellois’ “Coronasolfe” became a huge hit on the networks and aired BBC. Feedback? Each video lasts between 30 seconds and a minute: Hallows faces her face closely, facing the camera, tapping her cheeks rhythmically, clicking her teeth, blinking her eyelids and singing a melody, sometimes with name notes, song or guttural sounds. Beautiful demonstration of sexuality! The purpose of the process is to explore the rhythm and spacing between notes. Halos was inspired by the long-running training in his music training classes at the Conservatory, where he is proud of his body rhythm and singing.

Orders from musicians

Dozens and dozens of Internet users a year, England, Elsewhere Europe And even AustraliaAt home, young people, the elderly, musicians or, at home, the practice of “coronasolph” and professional musicians, like the British choir, have begun to be seduced by this concept Casualdo Six .

For the Baroque band, Hallows composed a coronasolph for six cabela voices, which was recorded in November. A few days ago, it was the young organizer Anna Lapwood, Singer Director Pembroke College, In Cambridge, called Holos to have “Coronasolph” made by his tailor …

If you accept the challenge and think you are trying to recreate a coronasolph, go to the site D’Hallos Werner : It’s not obvious, but very sexy!

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