Australia does not want to withdraw from coal

Australia does not want to withdraw from coal


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Australia does not want to withdraw from coal
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Australia has decided to stick to coal in Queensland. A gigantic mining project is controversial, but it will create thousands of jobs, according to the prime minister.

In the wild state of Queensland, it is one of the most important water supplies in the country. As such, it has never been polluted, which supports thousands of farmers. 60% of Queensland’s irrigation and 22% of Australia’s, it is the most reliable source of groundwater. But farmers have to share it with a gigantic coal mine. To operate, it will pump directly into underground reserves. They say mine will destroy everything.

The Titanic project was launched by an Indian company called Adani. About 10 to 25 million tons of coal are discharged from these sites each year. Australia is divided among environmentalists who strongly oppose the mining company, on the other hand, the Prime Minister who supports one of the country’s most lucrative industries. In the small town of Clermont, mines provide a livelihood for 3,000 people, and support total. In Clermont, everything is funded by the mines, infrastructure has been developed, tell residents. Their biggest resource, however, is debatable. Enemies did not despair of stopping the base.

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