Harrison Ford in the movie “The Mosquito Beach” or Justin Theroux in the series?

Harrison Ford in the movie "The Mosquito Beach" or Justin Theroux in the series?

Thirty-five years apart, both actors are idealists for “The Mosquito Beach” based on the novel by Paul Theroux.

The Movie (1986)

L. Intrick
Disgusted by America and distracted by consumers, Allie Fox, the brilliant inventor, travels with his wife and children. Movement Honduras, where he tries to build a civilization in accordance with his principles, in danger of disappearing …

Forest, bad heat, mosquitoes. Only Alli Fox can see the promise of heaven in this green hell… And the perfect place to build a giant ice machine! Peter Weir’s picture, written by the great Paul Schrder, is as big as its megalomaniac antihero. Donetsk storm and pyrotechnic successes on the show.

Seeing them dripping with sweat, there is no doubt about their involvement. The dictator, trained in a Hawaiian shirt, breaks down the image of Harrison Ford as a cool adventurer, under the watchful eye of Royal Helen Mirron, as a self-acting wife. As the eldest son, the late Phoenix River moves from despair to fear.

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