Four astronauts return safely to planet: This is how SpaceX’s Dragon capsule landed [VIDEO]

Four astronauts return safely to planet: This is how SpaceX's Dragon capsule landed [VIDEO]

After 6 months of research International Space Station, Four astronauts They returned Land In the capsule Dragon From SpaceX Complete the mission successfully Group-1 From NASA.

This Sunday morning, the capsule Dragon “Endeavor” landed off the coast of Panama City, Florida with Mike Hopkins, Victor Clover And Shannon Walker NASA, With Japanese Sochi Nokuchi Jaxa, Safe

“We welcome you back to the planet! Land! Thanks for flying with SpaceX, The company noted. “For those of you who have registered on our frequent flying program, you have earned 68 million miles on this trip,” he joked. “We’ll take those miles,” spacecraft commander Mike Hopkins replied. “Are they convertible?”


Capsule Dragon Deleted from International Space Station Peruvian time at 7:35 p.m.

The return flight lasted 6 hours, and before 3 a.m., parachutes had already been used for the controlled Splastown (landing over the sea).

Half an hour after the first overnight landing of an American spacecraft more than 50 years later, the burned capsule was carried aboard the rescue ship, and the astronauts were able to leave. Mike Hopkins, with the same humor NASA On the radio, he first appeared with a small dance as he exited the ship.

“It’s amazing what people can achieve when they get together,” he told air traffic controllers SpaceX Headquartered in Hawthorne, California. “Obviously, you’re all changing the world. Congratulations. It’s great to be back.”

This return task was delayed for several days. It was planned last Wednesday, but bad weather caused the change.

Following the completion of this 167 day mission International Space Station With dozens of hours of science, There are now 7 astronauts in space, Including 4 members of the relief work: The Group-2, Made by American astronauts NASA, Shane Kimbero and Megan McArthur, as well as the Japanese Akihiko Hosheid, from the agency Jaxa, And French Thomas Baskett from the European Space Agency (ESA, in its abbreviation in English).

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