El Salvador Congress dismisses constitutional judges of the Supreme Court

El Salvador Congress dismisses constitutional judges of the Supreme Court

The Legislature of El Salvador, with an official majority, This Saturday the Supreme Court (CSJ) dismissed the privacy and alternative judges For “fraud in the Constitution” and for violating the separation of powers.

The dismissal, which left the judiciary incomplete and without a president, was approved by 64 of the 84 representatives of the ruling party.

New Ideas (NI), the Great Alliance for National Unity (Ghana), the Christian Democratic Party (PTC) and the National Concert Party (PCN) voted in favor.

The sacked judges are the Constitutional Chamber and CSJ, Jose Armando Pineta and private judges Aldo Enrique Coder, Carlos Sergio Avilas, Carlos Ernesto Sanchez and Marina de Jesus Marenco. Substitutes for Rogel Zepeda, Jose Cristobal Reyes, Jorge Alfonso Quinteros, Jose Luis Lobo Castler and Sonia Elizabeth Cortes de Matris.

The parliamentary majority accuses the outgoing judges of handing out “arbitrary” sentences.

However, Members of this chamber, responsible for ensuring compliance with the Magna Carta, declared the dismissal order “unconstitutional” and denounced the intention to suppress control of other powers in the state..

Salvador’s President Naib Bukele has accused constitutional judges of withdrawing their powers to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic on more than one occasion.

Representatives of Salvador take office in Congress with a pro-government majority
Representatives of Salvador take office in Congress with a pro-government majority

“And the people of Salvador said through their representatives: Rejected!” Take a look With the approval of the dismissal.

In mid-2020, Buckel fought against the constitutional chamber that blocked at least 15 rules related to the management of the epidemic, most of which were in exceptional regimes. The court found that this violated the fundamental rights of citizenship. At the time, the president promised that the courtroom would prevent him from taking care of the lives of his comrades.

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The Constitution Room is one of the four that makes up the Supreme Court, and it resolves the unconstitutional nature of habeas corpus and disputes between the powers of the state. Special Adviser on Hemisphere Affairs to the United States National Security Council, Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, The attempt was rejected by the El Salvador Legislature He posted a message on his social networking site Twitter, in which he rejected the move: “It was not done.”

Juan Gonzalez's tweet ahead of El Salvador's AL's intention to fire Supreme Court judges
Juan Gonzalez’s tweet ahead of El Salvador’s AL’s intention to fire Supreme Court judges

In turn, Julie Chung, the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the Western Hemisphere, warned that “the existence of a strong relationship between the United States and El Salvador will support the separation of powers of the El Salvador government, which supports democratic norms.”

Opposition MPs, who are now in the minority, questioned all practices. “What is being done tonight in the legislature, with the majority given to them by the people voting, is a conspiracy,” said Rene Portillo, a deputy from the right-wing Arena.

The 84 representatives elected in the February 28 election in El Salvador took office this Saturday in the legislature for the period 2021-2024, during which time the ruling party will have a majority. Allies with that number Buckel exceeds the so-called “competent majority” in parliament, which allows it to recognize debts, elected attorneys, the attorney general and the Supreme Court and the Court of Accounts, in addition to the usual procedures for passing laws. (Composer).

The ruler can approve budget debt, beat vetoes, suspend constitutional guarantees and reinstate.

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Delegates began their first session of the legislature more than an hour late to select an installation commission comprising legislators Susie Colleges, Eduardo Amaya and Jose Arpina from the Governors New Laws (NI). The commission was given 2 hours to review the credentials issued by the Supreme Court (DSE) and other documents prior to the election of the board of directors.

The new body of Congress, which had an opposition majority in the 2018-2021 legislature, will allow President Buckley to rule until the end of his term.

Naib Bukele, leader of El Salvador
Naib Bukele, leader of El Salvador

The president and delegates, who ended their administration on Friday, have faced a number of conflicts over how to deal with the Covid 19 epidemic last year.

Since taking office on June 1, 2019, Buckley, who accused his rivals of being dictatorial, failed to form alliances with the Arena and the FMLN, which was controlled by parliament, with 60 of the 84 seats.

One of the most tense chapters with the outgoing Congress, on February 9, 2020 Buckell entered the chamber to press for a loan for his plan to fight the mob.

After nearly two-fifths in government in almost two years, the 39-year-old president, with a leading and colloquial style, became a regular user of Twitter, using popular dissatisfaction with traditional parties to defeat them in parliament on February 28. Elections.

“The history of the actions of the delegates who are about to end their term in the legislature is a clear drop against the Salvadorans and the actions of the people against the belief that the law was passed in their favor.” The president said in a statement Thursday.

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