How did the indicators in Novel-Aquitaine emerge from the restoration?

How did the indicators in Novel-Aquitaine emerge from the restoration?

Since Saturday, April 3, reinforced measures to combat the third wave of Covid 19 have been in place. Update on the evolution of indicators from that date in the region

In In his March 31 speech, Emmanuel Macron announced that he would tighten measures Fight against Covid 19 for a four-week period from Saturday, April 3 to Monday, May 3. If we believe, this promise seems on the way to be kept The schedule was contacted this Thursday, which offers the first phase of restructuring from Monday. Does this mean that the health condition that was a concern at the end of March is now under control? Not really.

Wednesday evening, There were still 5,879 patients in critical care services. However, the situation seems to have improved considerably. On April 25, the incidence rate in France (number of cases per 100,000 population) was 301, and on April 3 it was 411. On the other hand, as of that date, only 5,273 had been admitted to intensive care and 28,886 had been hospitalized (up from 29,911 on April 28). Results that can be explained by a delay of two to three weeks required for fluctuations in the number of cases to be reflected in hospitals.

Incidence rate in net reflux

What about the new Aquitaine? Indicators are one of our areas of least concern. In terms of the event rate criterion, the improvement is clear (178 on April 28 against 227 on April 3), as it is in six of the seven sectors under “Southwest”, with the exception of Lands. In this sector, the event rate was volatile, but it returned to 100 on April 28, the same level as on April 3.

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Elsewhere, the incidence was lower: on April 28, it was 185 in Gironde (up from 274 on April 3), 99 in the Pyrenees-Atlantics (111 on April 3), 138 in Sarande-Maritime (180), and 139 in Sarande (242). , 165 in Lot-et-Coron (191) and 205 in Tordok (316).

Tension in hospitals

Another criterion of the aggression rate of intensive care units was particularly followed. Here again, the data is positive, with Lot-et-Coron’s single sector exceeding 100%, 109%. Elsewhere, it is less than 80%, and only 43% in Lands. But if services are not complete, they still welcome more patients today than they counted on April 3rd.

On that day, 227 patients were admitted to Novel-Aquitaine Rhea services on April 28 against 286. The most spectacular increase is seen in the Pyrenees-Atlantics, where they were only 10 at the beginning of the month and more than doubled (22) on Wednesday evening! There was also a strong increase in Gironde, with a decrease of 19 patients (94 to 113), Sarande (11 to 9) and Dortogne (16 to 12).

The same is true of hospital admissions: on April 28, 1,410 Govt patients were admitted to institutions in the region, or 241 more than on April 3 (1,169). Strong increases are seen in Sarante-Maritime (97 to 137), Lot-ed-Coron (43 to 59) and Pyrenees-Atlantics (77 to 96).

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