The Superbike World Championship calendar continues to evolve with the Covid 19 epidemic. Although the season has not yet begun, a new encounter with Autotrom Most is being introduced, while the event planned for Philippine Island is being postponed to 2022.

The world superbike calendar is constantly changing. It has now been confirmed that if the start of the season is planned for another month in Aragon, the trip to Australia will not be dumped, an event that was postponed to the end of the season before it is finally postponed to 2022. It must be said that Australia has long followed a very strict policy in dealing with the epidemic, which allows it to provide much better health status than Europe . Considerations that did not bother the Czech Republic, which had the opportunity to join the championship by signing a 5-year contract to host a round of the world at the Autotrome Most near Prague. A round built in 1983 and will host an international event for the first time on the weekends of August 6 to 8.

Joseph Jazisek, General Manager, Autotrome: “This is a milestone in the nearly 40-year history of Autotrom and a unique event. We are becoming the organizers of the World Championships for the first time. This fact imposes technological requirements on us and on an important organization. Nevertheless, we are pleased to accept this challenge. Our goal is to open our campus to the general public, which is why we want to provide the best quality events for our racing fans. The MOTUL FIM World Superbike Championship is undoubtedly one of these events. We will ensure that pilots, teams, partners, sponsors and visitors can fully satisfy us, and look forward to the next edition of this fantastic show of powerful engines and brave pilots. “

David Bennett, Philip Island Grand Prix Round General Manager: “Philip Island has hosted more global superbike events than any other round in the world. We acknowledge that the time has come to focus our efforts on the official trials and the opening round of the season in 2022. The decision not to hold an event in 2021 was a negative continuation of the insured event. Philip Island round until 2027 will have no impact. “

Gregorio Lavilla, Managing Director of World SPK: “We are pleased to welcome most of Autotrome to our calendar for the next five seasons. Today’s announcement that World SPK will return to the Czech Republic for the first time after 2018 reflects the continued popularity of the championship among Czech fans. With Czech teams and drivers, it is a great opportunity to showcase the Czech Republic on the world stage. Opportunity, and I have no doubt that Autotrom Most will provide exciting events in the future.As far as Australia is concerned, the best solution is to move around to our regular season start date in 2022, after examining the latest changes in all major motorsport events and the current uncertainty related to the epidemic. We look forward to going back in 2022 as the Australian event is a major event in the Championship. “

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