Australia: Five unlicensed surf spots in Sydney

Surfeur surfant la vague à Sydney

If there is one sport that represents Australia, it is surfing. Sydney, famous for its locations, is considered the world capital of morality, thanks to its diverse locations and their diversity. Whether you are experienced or new, the hottest places in the city are here.

Pondy Beach

Located to the east of the city, Pondy Very popular on Australian beaches. Every year, thousands of tourists come to enjoy its long sandy shores. Surfing site, a place dedicated to beginners so it is very suitable for those who want to practice.

Manly Beach

There is, still a little north Courage, A postcard neighborhood, usually Australian. As Pandi, Which is a very popular destination for tourists, but surfers, especially from November to April, the swelling is strong. For beginners, the south of the beach is the best, providing good waves to learn without fear. More experienced surfers will also find their account in the corners, where it is very difficult to master the waves, but it is perfect if you are looking for the thrill of skiing.

Cronulla Beach

In the extreme south Sydney, Was the beach Cronulla, A piece of sand four kilometers long. For some, these are the most beautiful waves Sydney. Suitable for all levels, it is particularly prone to strong breaking waves, which is reserved for experienced surfers, who can make some memorable tubes, some of which are over five meters.

Tamarama Beach

In search of true comforts we now enter beaches reserved for experienced surfers. Outside the beach தமராம Located McKenzie Bay, A small cove lays the most beautiful hollow waves beneath a beautiful rock. New friends, so stay away.

Marupra Beach

Marupra Beach on the southeast Sydney Famous in the world of surfing, for its specific type of waves. The so-called “bears” are very strong and crash into rocks, which does not allow for error. So, needless to say this place is reserved for experienced surfers.

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