Are Demo Slots Worth Playing?

The demo versions of slot games can cause a bit of controversy in the online slot game community due to their ability to let you test out the game but their inability to generate real cash in your bank account.

Whether you are a stickler for the win, risking it all on the first spin to try and hit that sweet jackpot, or are more reserved in your play and test out a few sites just to make sure that you are choosing the right game, both can agree that playing at wizardslots is all about the fun.

What are Demo Slots?

Some of you fine tuned veteran bettors will know all too well about demo slots, whereas those just starting out might want to know a little more, so fear not newbies, we are here to give you the comprehensive guide on demo slots:

  •  The demo is like a brief taster, they are a snippet of the slot game that you will be playing with one crucial difference: you do not play with real cash.
  • This means that a few more conservative players can breathe a little easier knowing that they can try out a variety of exciting games without risking any money. You can find out which game is for you and which ones you see as a blatant rip off, giving you the power and control necessary to hit that hot jackpot.
  • Playing with no cash has its advantages, but it does mean that the luckiest of you in a demo mode will not actually make any money, so playing the demo too much means you might run out of luck before you start playing with the real deal!

So, are Demo Slot Games Better than Playing with Real Cash?

Both have their advantages and drawbacks, but if you are still on the fence then we have very helpfully listed out the main advantages of both (you can thank us later):

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Advantages of Demo Slots Advantages of Real Cash Slots
Try out a number of games Play and win with real money
No money lost Opportunity to score the jackpot
Variety of games to choose from for free The fun risk element
See which games are giving you luck Get to love a favourite game
See which games are phonies  
Most legitimate games have free demo version  

There are a number of drawbacks and positives to both types of gaming, but most importantly it is key that you are having as much fun as possible and playing within your means. This is why some people like to play the demos first so that they can get a smell of what it could be like to win millions and others go straight in with the high bet to risk it all.

If you are on the edge, then fear not, take it slow and you will find that you have even more fun. Come back to us any time you have a query, we’re here to help!

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