Tokyo Olympics: In Australia, athletes are primarily vaccinated

Tokyo Olympics: In Australia, athletes are primarily vaccinated

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Sydney Airport (AFP)

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) on Wednesday welcomed Canberra’s decision to expedite vaccination procedures for athletes invited to participate in the Tokyo Games, a priority treatment that has attracted some criticism on social media.

The Australian government announced on Tuesday evening that 2,000 athletes and their companions would be vaccinated before the Olympics (July 23 – August 8).

“Our athletes have to go to Tokyo, compete there and come back safely,” said Health Minister Greg Hunt.

AOC boss Matt Carroll spoke of “great relief” for people like him traveling to Japan on Wednesday. “This is great news for athletes, great news for managers,” he said.

Australia, which has been active in the fight against the epidemic since its borders were closed, on the other hand has been slow in its vaccination campaign. With a population of more than 25 million, less than two million people received their first size.

On social networks, internet users criticized that we give priority to athletes, with some recalling that not all teachers and health workers have yet received their second dose.

The government has set a target of completing the vaccination in September or October. But he is unlikely to win. Some vulnerable people, especially in hospitals, are not yet fully immunized.

Australia is not the first country to take on the responsibility of prioritizing its athletes. Belgium gave the green light to the administration last week in the days leading up to the anti-Govt vaccination for 225 Belgian athletes who want to compete in the Olympics and Paralympics.

In France, the French delegation began to be vaccinated to fly to the Olympics, and the authorities were very prudent about this campaign, which was strongly recommended by the International Olympic Committee.

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