The study revealed what happens when the earth is bombed by sunlight

© Jing Liu Iller.

The magnetic field is the shield that protects the earth from the harmful effects of the sun. The solar wind that leaves the Earth’s magnetic field often orbits our planet, and small currents of electrons and protons reaching the atmosphere form the northern and southern lights. When an explosion called a coronal discharge of matter explodes from the sun and reaches the earth, the magnetic field presses closer to the planet, and the lights are seen farther away from the poles. What happens when the sun shines, only high-energy photons reach the earth, but not electric particles?

© Jing Liu Iller.
© Jing Liu Iller.

For a long time, the only effect was thought to be energy transferred to the upper atmosphere, but New models show otherwise.

For the study, scientists selected data from Sunshine’s observations in September 2017 and combined them with a new digital “geospatial” model. Geortv Geography) The upper layers of the atmosphere and the space closest to the Earth that comprises the magnetic field are called.

The flash caused more damage than the atmosphere and was not the only place where more energy was absorbed. At the apex of the atmosphere, 90–150 km above the Earth’s surface, as expected, photography has intensified considerably. But this change reduced the heat of the upper atmospheric layers due to interactions with the magnetic field, changed the direction of material flow in many magnetic field genes, and changed the entry of electrical particles into the glossy areas.

In principle, similar changes should occur on other planets with magnetic fields, as well as on exoplanets. Therefore, this finding is interesting for studying the Earth’s magnetic field, predicting the effects of solar storms, and analyzing the interactions of exoplanets with other planets and their stars.

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The results of the study are published “Natural Physics”.

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