LONDON: A transparent swimming pool suspended in the air opens its doors

LONDON: A transparent swimming pool suspended in the air opens its doors

Above the streets, swim to a height of 35 meters in a swimming pool suspended between two skyscrapers London. For some, this scene deserves a dream, for others it is a daydream.

Connect the 10th floors of the two skyscrapers

The ski pool is very real though. Absolutely obvious, this 25 meter long and 6 meter wide swimming pool is accessible to a few lucky people, residents of a luxury real estate complex, embassy gardens, located in the chic district of Nine Elms, southwest. Capital.

It connects the tenth floor of two buildings and allows swimmers to contemplate Parliament, the London Eye and Westminster Palace between two depths. 375 tons of water in the basin alone! A technical achievement that requires the expertise of two architectural firms and one engineering firm.

Sky Pool, the largest freestanding acrylic glass pool in the world

With its dense acrylic glass structure – 30 centimeters below and 20 centimeters to the walls – the London Sky Pool becomes the world’s largest freestanding acrylic swimming pool. A project costing 1 billion (approximately ப 1.5 billion).

Made in Colorado in the United States Before being transported by truck by a specialized company Texas, In the port of Calveston. The ski pool then reached the port of Tilbury in London by boat.

This unique swimming pool in the world is scheduled to open on May 19, 2021. However a few swimmers were able to open the pool in mid-April to take promotional photos of the sky pool.

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