In London, the City will transform its deserted offices into housing


Deserted due to hike Telecommunications During the health crisis, London Business District City It announced on Tuesday that it wants to replace vacant offices to create 1,500 new housing units by 2030. The move is part of a larger action plan released in a press release and is expected to allow the popular city to adapt to the new post-epidemic economic and social situation. Once a bustling district and a symbol of a powerful financial sector, it is often vacated by its workers, who return only very slowly, raising fears of long-term consequences for its appeal.

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Its action plan, released with the help of Oliver Wyman, plans to build new buildings with low carbon footprints or renovate others in collaboration with real estate developers. The purpose is to create housing and provide welcome areas for business, culture or young businesses. “Hope is on the horizon as our economy begins to reopen and bring some unity of default to city life.”, Says Lord Mayor of the city William Russell.

Cultural events at night

The sparsely populated city wants to find ways to bring life to the district on weekends and evenings. For example, in the summer you may decide to ban access to vehicles on Saturdays and Sundays or to start cultural events at night. Finally, it would be a question of encouraging people to walk there, cycle there, and spend more time.

“Companies have told us they want to stay in central London, but the way they operate will inevitably reflect post-epidemic trends such as flexibility at work.”, Underscores Catherine McKinnon, the city’s political leader. “Content, innovation and respect for the environment should be at the center of the city of the future. We believe in square miles. (Another name for the district, which looks like a mile-long square, author’s note) Regains its vibrancy and vitality ”, According to her.

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