French opportunities, dominance of sites … 2021 Oscars

French opportunities, dominance of sites ... 2021 Oscars

The 93rd Oscars kick off tonight, Monday, April 26, at 2 p.m., French time. In France, you can follow directly on Canal +, the channel will air on the red carpet from 11:50 p.m. Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, unlike the recent Golden Globes, the Academy Awards will finally be presented in the presence of a handful of candidates, at an evening organized on multiple platforms, planned by director Steven Soderbergh and presented by the big names Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon or Harrison Ford. The prestigious awards for American cinema should be marked by a strong dominance of films produced by streaming sites this year, and perhaps by statues collected from the film “The Father” directed by Frenchman Florian Zeller.

Best French Opportunities

With six nominations for “The Father”, adapted from his play “Le Pere”, playwright, writer and now director Florian Zeller, as it is his first film, will allow this 93rd festival to shine throughout France. Filmed in English and describing the depravity of an old man – starring Anthony Hopkins – he loses all of his bearings and competes in the categories for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Set, Best Supporting Actress (Olivia Coleman), and Best Actor. As for the latter genre, Hopkins, who won the same prize at the latest BAFTA (English Oscars), has a good chance of winning, even though he is in direct competition with another big favorite, Chadwick Bosman, for “Black last year’s Panther”, and “The Blues of Ma Rainy” Nominated posthumously.

But since his victory at BAFTA, many articles in the American press campaign for Anthony Hopkins, 83, have won the award for suffocating in “The Father.” When New York Times Florian was recently ignited for Jeller’s screenplay, hoping he would pick up the statue. So, for the French playwright, it’s very good that he has become a hero this time in Hollywood: on Wednesday, we learned that he was going to direct his second film “The Sun”. From one of his successful plays, he is part of a new Franco-British production and two stars make headlines: Australian Hugh Jackman and American Laura Tern.

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Two other French productions could make a surprise at this Oscar night: Adrian Marico’s animated short film “Genius Loci”, and the exceptional Franco-Tunisian film “The Man Who Sold His Skin” by Goudar Ben Haniya for Best Foreign Language Film. Not forgetting the case of 92-year-old Colette Marin-Catherine, a retired Cain (Calvados) and American documentary “Colette” protagonist, named after an idol, follows her in the footsteps of his brother who went missing in exile.

Netflix and Disney attract attention

The main impact of the epidemic in 2020 at this festival and the low level cinema movie releases: the conditions for accessing the Oscars for this event are reduced streaming sites, take the festival. Most of the recommendations, at the expense of the big Hollywood studios.

With ten nominations for Netflix “Monk” (Best Picture, Best Director for David Pincher, Best Actor for Gary Oldman …), six nominations for “The Chicago Seven”, including five valuable two “The Blues of Ma Rainy” (Viola Davis’ Best Actress And the late Chadwick Bosman’s Best Actor), four for Paul Greengross ‘The Mission’, and many more

Disney + is at the forefront of productions for a statue with six nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director (Chloe Zhao) and Best Actress (Francis McDormand) for the extraordinary and big favorite “Nomland” (launched on stage). .-Format in the US but scheduled for theaters in France on June 9). “Soul”, “My Avant”, “Only One Evan”, “Mulan” … other films coming out of the studio with big ears and Amazon Prime Video are doing very well at this festival. , With good recommendations for “Port 2” and “One Night in Miami”.

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Pictures already visible in France

Always “thank you” for the health crisis that led to the release of so many films on the sites, unlike previous years when you had to wait long months to find Oscar-winning films in France, we could already spend that day and in the evening, waiting for the ceremony, watching the main candidates at home.

Netflix subscribers include “Monk”, “The Chicago Seven”, “The Blues of Ma Rainy”, “The Mission”, “An American Oat”, “Da 5 Bloods”, “A Girl’s Pieces”, “Voyage to the Moon”, “The White Tiger” and “Eurovision Song Contest” all run tonight. Disney + users can do this with “Mulan”, “Soul”, “The One and Only Evan” or “Onward”, while “One Night in Miami” And “Borat 2” are available to Amazon subscribers.Finally, Canal + will be hosting the first ever “Judas and Black Messiah” show on Tuesday evening, which will also collect prizes …

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